One unlucky person is the only victim of a Spotify hack



Typically, when a company announces unauthorized access has been identified on their system it means a successful hack has taken place. We then get a public apology and news that lots of customer details have been stolen.

Spotify has just gone through that process of reporting unauthorized access on its system, but with one twist: only one user’s details were accessed.

Spotify isn’t taking any chances, though, and will be contacting some of its users to re-enter their login details just to be sure. I’m assuming those users being contacted have accounts stored on the server that was compromised. Access via the Spotify Android app is also being looked as this is where the unauthorized access originated from. If you use Spotify on your Android device you’re going to need to upgrade, with that upgrade appearing in the next few days.

Last week eBay announced it had been hacked a couple of months ago and all users needed to change their passwords. Many have frowned on eBay’s response to such a hack, especially the fact they waited so long to tell everyone. So the Spotify news of “we got hacked, but everyone except this one person is fine” makes a nice change. It’s also great to see them being very cautious and increasing security almost immediately.

Of course, this may not be the end of the matter. For now Spotify has identified one compromised account, but the hacker may have covered their tracks very well.


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