Pale Moon web browser already has an alpha version for Android devices


One advantage of the source code of open source applications is that it can be used by anyone to develop variables such applications, where in addition, there are cases where these variables offer better yields than their original applications.

It is what happens to Pale Moon, a variable of Firefox web browser, which has been optimized performance and provides additional features, and is also compatible with the Firefox add-ons. Until recently, Pale Moon has been available for desktop platforms Windows and Linux, but cyansmoker XDA developer has been working in recent months to carry Pale Moon to the Android mobile platform, so thanks to him, and have an alpha version we can install on our Android devices, but yes, the application will have to install the previously getting off the APK hosted on servers MEGA because right now it is not available in your own Google Play.

It should be noted once again that this is an alpha version, an early version which may contain errors and instabilities, even with this in mind, Pale Moon for Android focuses on optimizing performance, compared to Firefox for Android, with the idea to be faster in operation and more efficient in managing resources. It also supports, as in the desktop version, with add-ons available.

So those brave enough can already get the APK and enjoy this early version on their devices. On the other hand, from forums and Pale Moon recently announced the release of version 24.7, whose innovations are available from the same link . Those who wish may contribute financially to the project by donating via Paypal, Bitcoin and Litecoin.


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  1. Brian R. says:

    I’ll definitely check this out!

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