Google Now Launcher, official launcher of Google, and runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

google now launcher

Excellent Google applications launcher carrying the other teams the full experience of Google Now present in the Nexus devices including the ability to activate its voice assistant and searching for answers just say “Ok Google” from the main screen, and is available to anyone who has at least version 4.1 of Android on their phones and tablets.

Three months ago Google is expanding the range of devices supported by its excellentlauncher as soon as it was launched only compatible with a selection of devices and old Google Nexus Play Edition. However, there was hope for those with phones with Android 4.2 or higher, hope that came hand XDA Developers who summarized the process of installing Google Launcher Now download the files and install them manually.

Well, the wait is over, they announced a while ago at the profile on Twitter Android Launcher Now that Google is now officially available for all phones with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and obviously to higher versions.

Not only to bring Google seal means perfect but guarantees at least a considerable share of integration into Android. In fact, although it has more options to configure their appearance since the idea is to unify the Android experience, yes it is interesting its response speed and the limited resources of the mobile that uses unlike the huge expense of other launchers popular.

The rest are great icons, transparency and seamless integration with Google Now and cards, for example, to move the desk to the left from the main screen. Better yet, the voice command “Ok Google” is also present on all devices so from the main screen can invoke Google Now with just those two words in your query or task scheduling, “What does entelechy” “How many dollars is 1,380 euros”, “Lift me up at 6 in the morning”, “Remember me go buy bread at 6 and a half”, etc. By the way, you must configure Google Now in “Spanish from Spain” to work with “Spanish in Colombia” and other Latin countries do not.

Anyway, nothing beats a try and see if other meet our expectations.

Download: Google Launcher Now in Play Store


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