Google Launches Project Zero, to increase Internet security


google Project Zero

One area that more attention and resources is Google is investing in safety, with the idea of ​​protecting users against potential attacks and other problems that may arise. Not only is tightening security in their services, also devotes some time to research to make the Internet a safer place, in order to fulfill the premise that users should be able to use the web without fears that criminals or entities under government orders can exploit software bugs to infect their own computers, steal sensitive information or monitor their communications.

The fact is that there are sophisticated attacks, and vulnerabilities “day zero”, pointing to human rights activists or conducting industrial espionage, examples puts Google in its statement , which notes that this has to stop, believing that you can do more in this regard to tackle this problem. That is why we have launched Project Zero , which consists of a team of security researchers focusing 100% of their time to improve security on the Internet. Google wants to devote tackles this new project and is already hiring new researchers to become part of that team.

In the statement, Google indicated that it will not put any certain in this project limits, and work to improve the safety of any software they depend a great number of people, with particular attention to the techniques, goals and motivations that could be attackers. To do this, he continues, will use standard, such as the location and reporting of a large number of vulnerabilities methods. They also conducted research on mitigations, farms, and any other aspect that researchers deem appropriate.

Google is committed to do the work in a transparent manner, so that each error found will be filed in a external database, reporting errors only providers of these themselves.When any reports of a bug is public, usually when there is already a patch for it, users can continue to supplier performance when reviewing the software, see discussions about the possibility of exploitation of failure, as well as other aspects .


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