, A new music production site launched by soundrop



Soundrop is an emerging company specializing in creating themed rooms for listening to music tracks, as I have mentioned several times, and after the experience accumulated over the years since the launch of its first product in 2011, including the new social experience that launched early last year to incorporate the musicians themselves inside the halls carrying forward playlists, facilitating the connection of the artists themselves with their own followers, now bring a new product for campaigns marketing focused on music.

This new product is called, allowing you to create mini web sites to display your own music content with the idea of increasing the community of followers and earn revenue for it.

When a user access a site of a particular band or musician, you will be taken to play the song, where later you will get a number of options to be able to share in the major social networks as well as the ability to get through purchase through a number of platforms specialized in e-commerce music, and even listen through distribution platforms musical themes via streaming. Nor need the ability to access social profiles on the networks in which band or musician it operates. has a number of tools to create campaigns around the songs in seconds, being able to track it and an overview of its development within the organization. Those who wish to try, can use this new app for free for a period of fourteen days, which provided a demo that will allow them to get a better idea of ​​its operation.

In short, this is equivalent to the application to generate pages for your personal identity online product, but with a focus on music and in campaigning for dissemination and monetization.


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