Russia approves a law that would force Internet companies to store user data within country


data store

The Russian parliament has just passed a new law that would force Internet companies that provide different at home to store personal data of users within the borders of the country, rather than as elsewhere in the United States.

The move is somewhat controversial, is that, although Parliament alludes public safety reasons, would the Russian government easy access to user data if they saw it necessary. since Parliament have rushed to highlight the benefits that would measure, ensuring that Russian citizens could forget the controversy related to espionage cases in the United States by NSA. The law will force all companies to open data center in Russia to 2016, when it will begin to implement the measure. If they do not, chances are they are faced with severe blockages, preventing access to its services by the citizens of Russia, the largest country in the world.

The move is not without controversy, and that is that for now it is not clear how it will affect major global services such as FacebookTwitter or Google , whose data centers are only in the United States.


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