Microsoft updates Office Mix with a public gallery educational lessons


office mix

A few months ago Microsoft introduced Office Mix, a tool for creating interactive presentations fromPowerPoint 2013 lessons.

We can combine different presentations, add audio, videos, surveys, recordings, films, web pages, and other content. Besides having some options that allow us to see some statistics on the lessons we have shared online.

A combination of functions that allow us to create online classes, not only integrating different educational content but also improvising some evaluation system.

And to see the full potential of this tool can offer educators, Microsoft has chosen to integrate a public gallery with educational lessons that have been created. For a better browsing the content, they have been organized into different categories.

Each lesson contains a brief description, information about the author, duration of mix and quantity of views it has received. In addition, options are available to share by email, insert it on our website or download it to our computer as mp4.

It’s a good opportunity to learn how other educators have used this tool to create online classes and find content that we can use in our classrooms.


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