Facebook purchases Liverail,a video Ad firm



Multimedia content in general and video in particular, are gaining more and more weight between the content that we see on the Internet is expected that by 2018, 84% of Internet traffic belongs to video content, according to a recent study published by Cisco. It is for this reason that the various Internet companies are already moving record heading into this new scenario, where Facebook is no exception, as it has just announced the agreement to acquire the company LiveRail , without having revealed details same.

About LiveRail says it is an advertising technology platform that helps leading companies, among which is Dailymotion, ABC or Gannet, among others, to better serve the advertisements in video format that appear on their sites and web applications. It allows video creators to find and deliver the best possible ads, and advertisers, are given the inventory of high-quality videos so they can decide which of them to insert their ads, being an advertising platform baselines for online video creators.

From Facebook believe that they and LiveRail and premium publishers have the opportunity to make the best video ads and more relevant to the hundreds of millions of people watching digital video each month. In this sense, suggest that the most relevant ads will be more interesting and attractive to consumers online video and more effective for advertisers themselves. Facebook and is excited about the future for video publishers and advertisers a very optimistic view that have to bind the product together with LiveRail Facebook experience on factors such as relevance, delivery and measurement, helping this way to make video advertising is much better for everyone.


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