Vaio computers reappear, Now without the brand Sony


new vaio

The brand Vaio for years linked to Japanese giant Sony , has returned to the fore this time without the company name of Tokyo. And this is because earlier this year the company decided to get rid of your host family and he understood that the course you are taking consumer computing not included.

The Vaio computers are sold only in Japan, therefore, the investment fund Japan Industrial Partners took the PC business and today, July 1, formalizes their emancipation with the launch of its operations and sales. The new company operates with a relatively small staff, 240 people, and already markets two products, and Vaio Vaio Fit Pro, not Sony. These portable remember their lines to their predecessors and should be understood as transition teams, probably linked to a gradual disengagement agreement.

The strange thing is that Sony has 5% of the shares of Corporation and Vaio computers are sold throughwebsite from that, until today, was his trademark. A curious scene that will surely change in the future. Change model that is acquiring the Japanese house that focuses more on entertainment This confirms. Something that is totally understandable in the light of the figures that are reporting their divisions TVs, consoles and phones, not to mention Sony Pictures, which gives a more than substantial benefits to the corporation.


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