If you have Android root with WhatsApp you can respond from your computer


Quick Reply WhatsApp

The developers of the scene interesting Android continue to provide solutions that not even the Google guys had imagined. In this case the functionality we will talk is the ability to answer WhatsApp messages via computer thanks to a simple application.

This is for Quick Reply Pushbullet failed connection possibilities between PC and mobile to respond to the instant messaging application without touching the phone. All this is due to the connection possibilities offered Pushbullet , the thought to share links and files between most versatile and fastest mobile market and computer service.

Unfortunately one of the setbacks of this fantastic application that extends the capabilities of our Android is the need to have the root BusyBox installed. It may not be one of the most popular ROM’s but it is possible to find with relative simplicity. Anyway, the end result is worth it because the synchronization is complete and improves the effectiveness of the user to not have to constantly be looking at mobile.


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