Google Docs and Sheets are updated, paving way for Android L


google sheets

The announcement of Android L is definitely one of the highlights of the year, as it is called to mark a watershed in the history of this track and Operating System, few days have passed since its revelation and have already begun to see the first major changes around this platform, which today opens a new chapter as a prelude to the services of Google Docs and Google Sheets , who received a major update and redesign, to integrate 100% with Android L, a change that goes beyond the purely visual, making clear the intention of Google to prepare a firm foundation for this new stage in your mobile software division.

The release of this update to Google Docs and Google Sheets (also known as Spreadsheet), the same July first hand gave the guys in the company’s own in an upgrade that presents a completely revamped interface with support for Android L, making it the largest to date for these two applications after the announcement of the future removal of QuickOffice on Google Play store, in order to give your focus and in the company of my own update. In these new versions of Google Docs and Sheets undoubtedly the most striking is its design, plus some even before promised features, including the ability to edit or create new files with extension . docx and xlsx. (that of Microsoft Word and Excel respectively), a move that eliminates the need for pit downloaded QuickOffice.

Among the other novelties are that integrates a floating button shortcut on the action bar, in the style of what we usually see in Android L, which will allow more flexible management of the actions of both programs, as well as a better integration of management of dictionaries and possibility to send the documents edited in Office or PDF format . In the case of spreadsheets has also integrated full support for formulas, AutoFill cell functions and interface for creating graphs.

Both begin to install updates automatically and stepped through Google Play . No doubt Google is going big with Android L and while this update does not integrate de facto see everything with Material Design , gives us a clear idea of the level of functionality you seek to achieve with this new evolution of its platform.


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