Google buys Songza



Just confirm the purchase of Songza by Google a streaming music service with which the search engine company intends to expand its product portfolio and give a boost to Google Music , its commitment to digital music. Beats with a similar approach, recently purchased by Apple , Songza part of a music recommendation system based on the increasingly popular ‘healing music’ that seems to be running as the winning feature of war streaming music.

In this sense, although the name of Songza is little known in European and Latin American market truth is that is quite popular in the markets it operates and competes with Spotify directametne and its 24 million active users, and Pandora, which has with 77 million active users, who also added less popular services in terms of active users as iTunes or Beats Music Radio.

Songza is focused on music recommendations the total amount of operation is unknown, but sources close to the deal put the figure at around 15 million , a figure that is small when compared to their rating companies like Spotify reaches 4 billion or Pandora, with a market capitalization of nearly 5 billion dollars.

So far, no change in service Songza, at least in the medium term, and users can continue to use all features of it until gradually integrates with the rest of Google’s offer, even though no There is estimated for that date. With this acquisition, it is expected that some of music recommendation technology Songza end integrated Google Play Music All Access.


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