New type of mobile ads to install apps directly from Twitter: Mobile app promotion


app twitter promotion

Late last year that Twitter was testing a new type of ads to promote mobile apps easier installation links within a tweet. However, tests with the first advertisers, the likes of EA Sports and Spotify and some developers growing in popularity, have generated sufficient results to enable all users to this new channel promotions. Your name: Mobile app promotion .

The idea is to give developers and advertisers a more efficient method that can promote the facilities easily concentrables campaigns in a small group of people that meets certain demographic variables (gender, location, language, etc, With great help from hashtags ), in addition to its mobile operating system (iOS andAndroid), featuring links installation with a high probability of getting your download.

The rest are features to present their interactive ads within tweets multimedia cards including Promoted Tweets : show description, icons, the ability to directly open the application after installed (iOS only for now) and summary details . Your promotional video does illustrate their appearance and large capacity:

The new channel is available in and seeks to reduce the number of clicks between knowledge of the application by the user and installing the app. Of course, efficiency is noticed leagues, and better yet, is charged only when a complete (fully registered in the same place), in this case, the application is installed and be made ​​ready for execution.


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