Eric Schmidt, Google’s Chief Executive Chairman travels to Cuba to promote free Internet access


Eric Schmidt

Recently, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has visited Cuba with three other members of the company, to promote access to information on the Internet for free and without any restrictions policies.

According to information , the Google team have traveled to Cuba last at least two days in this country, where he had met with key government figures. It is a somewhat curious information, is that Cuba is regarded as one of the countries with the most repressive laws regarding freedom of access to information and communication technologies. Being necessary to have a special license to have an Internet connection, so normally access is limited to tourists in hotels and government. Also, if anyone has access to the Internet, web sites available government are tightly controlled. Eric Schmidt confirmed the accuracy of the information through your Google+ account, claiming to have been to Havana on a business trip. In the post, commented that the purpose of travel is to see the need for people to have access to the Internet freely and without prohibitions, ensuring that the internet is available in this country is very similar to what we had in 1990. It also ensures that only between 20 and 30% of the population has a telephone and only between 3 and 4% of Cubans have access to Internet cafes in a timely manner and some universities. Eric Schmidt says that if it is to modernize the country, the first thing to do is to provide citizens with the opportunity to purchase a smartphone, (almost nonexistent device in Cuba) and promote freedom of expression and access to information.

This is not the first time Schmidt visits a country in order to promote the benefits of a free Internet, having traveled about a year to North Korea, where Internet access is also limited to certain universities and social networks and email are prohibited.


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