Blackphone: smartphone focused on privacy and security of its users has begun to be sent



If you usually be aware of relating to the world of Internet and communications news, sure you concerned about the number of cases of espionage carried out by the NSA that have been uncovered over the past few months. These developments have meant that, increasingly, users are more concerned about the safety of your data. But not only the users who are concerned about this issue, but there are even companies that are trying to offer solutions to these attacks on privacy. One such company is Silent Circle, which have created a phone in order to respect our privacy could become a very interesting option. heard first heard of this terminal earlier this year , and finally, company started send this device to buyers .

The smartphone, which is priced at $629, is known as blackphone and was developed by the aforementioned company Silent Circle. This company, led by CEO Mike Janke, employs staff with a significant number of experts on cryptography have been taken very seriously the project, making sure that nobody could have access to private user data or even if these are requested by the government. For this reason, the company and their data centers are located in Switzerland, so although the NSA or other organization solicitase access to user data, Silent Circle would not be obliged to transfer them. Also, in the unlikely event that someone should do to the encrypted data transmitted by the servers of the company, a key is needed to unlock them and to read them. This key is located in the operating system’s own user’s phone, so even if someone had access to these encrypted data, could not get to read them. As for the technical characteristics of the device, this has a 4.7 inch screen, a quad-core 2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and a battery 2.000mAh.

The units have started to be sent had been reserved when the phone was announced, so now there is no stock available. However, the company has announced that as of July 14 will accept new orders.


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