Razer will launch a “micro-console” That running Android TV


razer micro console

Razer is a very famous company in the field of video games not only to be responsible for many accessories and peripherals for high quality PC and console gamers, but also give life to ideas as peculiar as that proposed modular PC called Project Christine , the Razer tablet Edge and eccentric video games mouse Razer Naga .

Today, in the start of the developer conference Google I / O 2014 , Razer has announced it will launch a hybrid set-top box and gaming console to base its operation in Android TV , the new platform that Google wants try to control our living rooms with an entertainment center based on their services and with an interface that looks great.

This undoubtedly reminds us very much to Amazon Fire TV is, in theory, as a set-top box that lets you play casual games based on the fork of Android that Amazon uses in its products. The big difference is that Razer promises a “hardcore” gaming experience , but have not yet explained how to accomplish this, even announcing the specifications which will be micro-Android TV console.

Unfortunately, they have not announced any details about this new adventure that are released, betting on Android TV to give life to a hybrid that allows to stream TV shows, movies and music while playing AAA titles from gaming . That is, a kind of “all-in-one” dedicated to entertainment our classrooms.

For its price, hardware feature and what kind of joystick will use, we will have to wait a little longer. Its launch is scheduled for the end of the third quarter of 2014 .


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