Project Tango, Google tablet will Come to public in 2015


Tango Tablet

What started as a project only for developers , today the Internet giant announced in full Google I/O 2014 that Project Tango , its next tablet will also come to the public, and this will be sometime next year 2015.

Project Tango originally wanted to offer developers a tablet of huge potential with unique capabilities based on be equipped with cameras to “see the world in three dimensions,” making use of augmented reality technology and a new Google. Now, those responsible for the division of Google ATAP project manager, ensure that not only will this tablet but also launch smartphones with this technology to “see everything in 3D.” Of course, first things first, Project Tango come as tablet (with another name) to the final consumer market.

The idea is between risky and wonderful. We saw as Amazon with its Fire Phone we located four chambers and four sensors to give users a three-dimensional view of onscreen images without glasses and as accurately as possible. Project Tango bet for something different, bet on the possibility of pointing out, for example, “not only where we go but what to do exactly in this place, using their cameras to analyze their environment,” said Regina Dugan, one of responsible for the project.

Google also announced that it will be LG ‘s first company to implement this technology in one of its devices, which will be released in 2015. So we just have to wait and see what the final proposal Titan Internet searches in this field. Yes, looking forward to the devices not costing thousand dollars as the original prototype for developers.


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