Twitter is Testing a new feature called “retweet with comment



How often is it that when doing a retweet if we say something is not possible to add more text, as we know the iconic and unchanging 140 characters Twitter remain the golden rule in this network. This is for the option to “quote tweet” or “quote tweet”. If this is a “normal” retweet can not add text and tweet which appear on this timeline , except for a tiny notification retweeted which user. For all these cases it has been said that Twitter is testing to embed the tweets of others in our own tweets.

Before that looks like a fractálica explanation is best done graphically maner. We can see in the picture below the traditional form of a retweet so far and then we can see in the picture below they look like embedded retweets.

it has released today the existence of this tool that would change the way how we see our timeline so far. The tests that are being done are not internal, the note has been consulted said that several users have reported having this feature. Note that the examples disclosed are mobile devices.

These tweets with comments added to the timeline as part of the Cards Twitter, which is the characteristic, also recent, which allows you to view videos, photos and very new in to see gifs deployed in the timeline . The network changes are certainly controversial. Some people are eager to use the new and some people will always say that the changes are not going to torture with the initial direction of the network, among many other reasons.


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