Google to start selling Domains soon


google selling domains

Google has just announced its next major release that will make your presence and power bigger than it is today internet. Google Domains is your own platforms to register Internet domains for web pages, that is, through her ​​Google managed the sale of domains with different endings ( .com, .net, .org, etc.), and also enable users to sell their own domains. Something like that makes GoDaddy , a company best known in the world for domain registration, just being part of list of Google products.

Google Domains not include service or offer hosting or storing data to user, but has some partners who have joined this job such as Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and Shopify, names well known in this world.

On other hand, prices for Domains Google though not too low if they are quite attractive, matching a certain way in his bid to Namecheap , another of its new rivals in this market. For example, registering a. Com will have an annual cost of about $12 . Finally, Google Domains allows the user to create up to 100 different addresses for the domain email, and use, of course, DNS of company.

With that ensures that Google wants to offer small businesses and startups that do not yet have their own websites, ability to create a quick and easy way, with a fairly low price, and taking advantage of all service catalog giant searches. Anyway, the simple fact that Google starts selling domains, you take into account that people look at Google where to buy domains, and makes him a tough opponent for GoDaddy and company.

For now, Google Domains is in private beta and can only be accessed by invitation. It is unclear when service will launch to public.


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