Google Introduces Android TV


android tv

There are two types of forgetfulness: human and intentional. The first with common, that happen to you and me. But the latter often occur at other levels, for other reasons, and above all, with other intentions. And this is what happened in the early evening yesterday when daily updates Android game Riptide GP2 announced “accidentally” that would be available for Android TV . Google renews its intentions to be also in our TV Holder to singing. “The game just confirms that there are new Google TV hardware.” That in itself is news, and good, but I would emphasize the fact that it is an actor not invited which has been confirmed , with the clear intention of cashing. I imagine it will have achieved because now there is no sign of neglect and his name appears among internet.

Now talking about what matters, it seems that Google does not throw in the towel with their intention to be present throughout the house. Android TV would be the giant firm commitment to bring Internet content to the third screen of your living room. It seems to be a new hardware but could be a surprise and be a Chromecast update. What is clear is that this move would be a clear “reboot” of the failed Google TV .

Thus the digital entertainment landscape will be very interesting with large companies fighting to be the center of our entertainment . Amazon Fire with your TV, Apple with its Apple TV, Google TV and Android with its next-generation consoles Sony PS4 and XBOX One of Microsoft. All races have their car looking forward to the first point to you


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