Google introduces android version 4.4.4 on Nexus


android 4.4.4 on nexus 5

Now Android 4.4.4 is officially launched, just a couple of weeks of the release of much awaited 4.4.3 , it seems that the guys at Google are on an incredible run with its new mobile operating system KitKat , however this new release, according to the latest reports, no actually includes many new or substantial changes visible to the naked eye, like its predecessor, the case actually an update that does not change anything, except some few improvements in security for platform.

It’s a minor security update. Could it be said that Android 4.4.4 is a minor update, and as such, was uploaded discreetly to the terminals of the Nexus family, making available for download the factory image on Android developers websites. Less than a week to Google I/O is striking hard for this company to debug your code up, which also raises the expectation of what we will be presenting at the event. Little is known about the latest news and tangible benefits of Android 4.4.4, but, following reports of other sites , Sascha Prüter, Google security engineer , said on his personal Google+ profile update now available that would focus on correcting some com KitKat security flaws in OpenSSL.

In theory within less than 48 hours Google will list the number of officially incorporated improvements to Android 4.4.4, the expectation is that approach to the correction of common faults and the first reported with the upgrade to 4.4.3, with problems such as loss Wi-Fi , damage to the performance of the new dialer and restarts in Nexus 4 and continued use of the battery problem already been dragging on for a while.


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