Checkout this App that translates sign language in real time


google gesture

Google announced a new application in development that could help people understood the sign language in real time.

The app is called Google Gesture, read about it on Mashable, and created by some students of Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm in collaboration with Google. Google Gesture operate through sensors that will be placed in same arms thanks to a wearable band: band then read movements and impulses of muscles that occur when speaking with sign language, and movements will be sent to the application, which in turn translated into audible words from smartphone.

Recall that in the past Google has already developed software that allows better communication with deaf people, such as Google Translate option of converting speech to written text. Hopefully finally performed and successfully, since we do not have more details on development and on departure.

Either way it’s clearly a story in which we see more of Google step in regards to becoming the king of communications, whether in language they are.


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