Apple uses Windows on Mac Pro production line



Anyone who purchases a Mac Pro can do so knowing they are supporting manufacturing on US soil. And Apple is also very happy to remind us of this fact, with Tim Cook recently visiting the Austin, Texas manufacturing facility where the Pro is put together.

The photo Cook tweeted of himself at the facility revealed something Apple will be less than happy to share with the world. Manufacturing the Mac Pro involves the use of the Windows operating system.

If you click on the image below to view it full size, you can clearly see Windows running on iMacs right down the production line. More specifically it looks to be Windows XP, although Windows 7 or some released of Windows Embedded can’t be ruled out, either.


So why does Apple run Windows? It’s unclear, but the most likely reason seems to be a piece of electronic design automation software that was written to run on Microsoft’s OS. It’s also likely that’s not the only piece of software Apple’s manufacturing facility requires Windows to run.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Windows is used during the manufacturing process. It’s the most common OS used in the world, and I’d be surprised not to find Windows used in a manufacturing facility regardless of the product being made. However, this is an embarrassing oversight on the part of Tim Cook and whoever handles his Twitter account. He will be embarrassed, Apple’s PR team will be embarrassed, and it makes Cook look a little silly, especially following his negative comments towards Microsoft and Windows during WWDC earlier this week.

So, if you see someone using a Mac and they are making negatives comments about Microsoft, you may want to point out the device they are using only works in part because of Windows. If they don’t believe you, then just show them the image above. I wonder how many will just shout “shopped” in your direction.


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