Intel’s Core-M chip will help set new world’s thinnest laptop and tablet records



The next iteration of the Haswell microarchitecture arrives later this year in the form of Broadwell. It’s a die shrink of the current 22nm chips down to just 14nm. As well as lowering power use and heat, Intel has promised a 30 percent performance bump across CPU and GPU. But it also means gadgets can get thinner, and that’s what the new Core M processor unveiled at Computex this week is all about.

Intel says Broadwell chips require 50 percent less space inside of a device, which is great news for laptop and tablet manufacturers. But the Core M chip also has a TDP below 10W, meaning it can be setup to run without a fan. In fact, Intel is promising 60 percent less heat and 45 percent less power draw from a Core M SoC.

So less space for the chip, no space required for a fan, and a huge reduction in power use meaning batteries can either stay the same or even get smaller. This all adds up to the potential for really thin devices including laptops, tablets, and 2-in-1 hybrids.

Core M will be available inside devices in time for the holidays, with the Asus Transformer Book Chi looking likely to be the first product to ship using it. It’s no surprise then that Asus is marketing it as the world’s thinnest tablet at just 7.3mm thick.

Developing Broadwell hasn’t happened without issues and a delay, but it looks like it’s finally set to arrive and offer ARM the strongest competition yet in mobile markets. It’s also great news for consumers if it means longer battery life and thinner, lighter devices.


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