Torrent site Demonoid returns after nearly two years offline



Torrent trackers come and go on the internet. They are, by their very nature, ephemeral and prone to unexpected closure. The loss of Demonoid was a significant blow to people who like to get things for free, but after more than 20 months in limbo, the site has returned and is accepting new torrents once again.

It was way back in mid-2012 when Demonoid’s Ukranian hosting company took the site offline at the request of Interpol. It was all related to an investigation by Mexican authorities, where Demonoid’s owner allegedly lived. At its peak, Demonoid was the largest semi-private torrent site on the internet. The Pirate Bay is bigger, of course, but doesn’t require a login to download torrents.

After several failed relaunches, the site faded away and that seemed to be the end of it until a few weeks ago when the tracker suddenly came back to life. Now the Demonoid website is alive again at a new domain, The old domains are also linked to the new one, indicating this is the real deal and not just another impostor that got hold of the site database.

This appears to be the real Demonoid team (or at least someone chosen to run the site by the original developers). The site is accepting the login details of previous users and the tracker is connecting to all the old seeds. The resurrected site is still running in pre-launch mode and might go down again if something breaks. The admins say much of the back end code has been rewritten and the site’s infrastructure is distributed throughout the cloud.

The new Demonoid is open to registrations, but some parts of the site are still a little broken. All the torrents from the original site are still listed, but it’s unlikely there are many seeds left after almost two years.


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