[Tech] Mi-Fone, Africa’s first mobile devices brand unveils products



Mi-Fone, Africa’s first mobile de­vices brand has launched its new range of smart phones into the Nige­rian market.

The smart phones operate on the Android system and come pre-embedded with lo­calised apps such as Nigerian taxi app, EasyTaxi; Nigerian music blog app, Singuu; the innovative music upload ser­vice app called PureSolo and the famous 360Nobs Nige­rian social media app. The Mi-Fone range will also feature the company’s owned Oju Africa app.

Oju Africa first garnered international attention with the launch of the first ethnically di­verse emoticons.

A statement from the com­pany said in the past three weeks the Afro Emoticons from Oju Africa have had the world abuzz, with over 22,000 downloads of the free app from Google Play in just four days, of which the majority of those downloads have origi­nated from the United States.

Powered by Mi-Fone (the first African mobile devices brand), “Oju”, literally mean­ing “faces” in the Yoruba lan­guage, is an innovation born out of the motherland. And it is here in the motherland that the full range of 65 Afro Emoti­cons are to be revealed at the Nigerian launch scheduled to take place at the luxurious new venue, Miliki on Victoria Is­land, Lagos on Monday, May 26th.


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