Djokovic raises N100m for Serbian flood victims



Serbian international tennis star, Novak Djokovic who is still basking in the eupho­ria of his Rome masters vic­tory has shifted his attention to charity work where he has raised a whooping $600,000 (about N100m) for flood vic­tims in his country.

Djokovic who raised the mon­ey through his foundation also lashed out on the international media for not doing enough to raise awareness on the plight of his countrymen.

AIPS writer Sonja Nikcevic reported that the Balkans have been hit with the worst flood­ing ever documented in the re­gion, with Serbia and Bosnia being the areas affected most. In Serbia alone, entire cities and towns are threatened to be completely swallowed up from the swelling of the River Sava caused by days of torrential rain, and more than 20 000 people had to be evacuated from their homes.

Beyond raising money, No­vak criticized BBC, CNN and others for overlooking the re­gion and its tragic battle with flooding and called on his fans and colleagues around the world for support, a move that is be­ginning to yield good dividend.


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